We help organize the ABRSM exam, which offers a certifcation of student skill that is internationally recognized. The exam will give students milestones to overcome which will boost their confidence, as well as providing parents with benchmarks to understand their child's progress and acheivement based on the world's standard. ABRSM certificates also function very well as an supplement to a prospective student's college application. Many students from Edgewater Performing Arts have also been selected to All-State and Regionals groups. We provide instructions and lessons with special focus on the auditions for these groups as well.  Special group classes on music theory and aural and sight reading are also provided at Edgewater Performing Arts. These classes benefit a student's musical knowledge while also helping them to prepare for the different sections of the ABRSM exam. 

What is the  ABRSM exam? ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is an internationally recognized educational body and charity that provides examinations in music. The organization, based in London, UK, runs exams in centers all over the world. It is one of three examination centers qualified to award graded and diploma qualifications in music on the UK National Qualifications Framework.  More than 620,000 candidates take ABRSM examinations each year in some 90 countries. ABRSM offers graded music exams as well as more advanced diploma qualifications. To learn more, visit: